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Chiropractic Back Pain Treatment – A Good Idea for Pregnant Women?

Written By Northgate Chiropractic Clinic on December 27, 2019

Chiropractic care during pregnancyPregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. 

Unfortunately, it can also come with a lot of discomfort. 

It isn’t uncommon for women to complain of back pain, swollen ankles, and morning sickness. Is there any way to find relief?

Thankfully, there are options to treat back pain during pregnancy with a chiropractor.  

Back Pain Treatment During Pregnancy – Is It Safe? 

Spinal adjustments while pregnant are safe. Of course, as with all medical procedures, there are some contraindications. If you’re experiencing the following symptoms, you should avoid adjustments.

  • Placenta previa 
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Placenta abruption
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Moderate to severe toxemia.

Before starting any treatments, discuss them with your OB-GYN. If you’re healthy enough for adjustments, rest assured – they are both safe and effective. In fact, they’ll do more than just reduce your back pain.  

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Benefit Pregnant Women 

Regular chiropractic adjustments can help you in the following ways.

First, when you receive an adjustment, your chiropractor will align your spine and joints, including your pelvis. Proper alignment can help prevent breech pregnancies. 

Second, when your body and joints are in alignment, you feel more comfortable. You experience less pain and you might even experience less morning sickness.   

A Holistic Approach to Treatment – Why Add Chiropractic to Your Pregnancy Plan

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of seeing the body as a series of parts. The thing you need to remember, though, is that all the parts are, ultimately, connected. When you experience imbalance in one area, you can experience pain in multiple areas. 

Your Rochester chiropractors take a holistic approach when it comes to caring for their patients. Every time you come in, your chiropractor won’t just address the back pain or headaches you’re experiencing – they’ll want to evaluate everything that’s going on. Doing so will help you have a healthier pregnancy and delivery

Curious if spinal adjustments might ease your back pain? Call us today at 507-285-1677 to schedule a consultation. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

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