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Finding the Right Low Back Pain Treatment in Rochester

Written By Northgate Chiropractic Clinic on July 18, 2018

Many of your day-to-day tasks will involve twisting, lifting, bending, and various other movements that put your back under pressure. 

Every day, these actions increase your risk of sustaining lower back pain. 

That’s why statistics indicate that 8/10 American adults will suffer from pains in their lower back at certain points in their life. These may be sudden pains that prevent them from doing anything or they may gradually get worse over time. 

Nevertheless, regardless of what’s caused your back pain, there is a low back pain treatment in Rochester that you can trust – chiropractic care. 

The Signs You Need Low Back Pain Treatment in Rochester

Pregnancy, age, sedentary lifestyles, and being overweight/obese, are all lifestyle factors that can lead to the development of low back pain. However, it’s those aforementioned movements that are often the primary cause of this type of pain.


Because we’re often using the wrong techniques to lift, push, and pull heavy items. 

Your lower back is placed under an enormous amount of pressure when you lift something heavy – and if this isn’t done correctly, it can prove too much for your muscles. From muscle strains that make it almost impossible to move the affected area to disc injuries that completely floor you, a back injury can put you out of work and various other activities for months on end. 

So how should you lift things?

By never twisting your back and always keeping it straight, ensuring your knees and shoulders are aligned, bending from the hips, moving your chest forward, and holding the object as close to you as possible. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Help? 

Spinal manipulation is an incredibly effective technique for those with lower back pain. Working to stimulate your spine and all of its interconnecting tissues and muscles, it involves adjusting and massaging the area to improve mobility. 

After several sessions (and sometimes even after the first) you should start to notice an alleviation of your pain and an improvement in your movements. Therefore, by selecting chiropractic care as your low back pain treatment in Rochester you’ll benefit from a drug-free, non-invasive program that gets you back to work and doing what you love quicker than conventional techniques. 

To book your appointment and to lead a pain-free life, simply call our friendly team today on 507-285-1677. 

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