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Neck Pain Due to Bad Posture? Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment Can Help

Written By Northgate Chiropractic Clinic on October 22, 2018

Did you often hear phrases like, “sit up straight” or “shoulders back” or “stop slouching” when you were growing up?

Many times, our parents and grandparents wanted us to have good posture simply because you tend to look better when standing or sitting up straight and tall.

However, in addition to the aesthetics of good posture, there are also health benefits. 

Poor Posture Can Cause Neck Pain

If you suffer from chronic neck pain that isn’t related to an accident or injury, it’s possible that your discomfort may be the result of poor posture. 

So, the time might be right for you to visit the chiropractor for neck pain treatment.

According to, there are 5 different muscle groups that can become tight. And, they state, “If the alignment of the head and spine is not optimal, the neck can be predisposed to injury and/or the degenerative effects of wear and tear over time.” 

Also according to, one of the primary posture issues leading to neck pain is keeping your head and shoulders in a forward position. This posture places your head in front of your shoulders.

Contact us Today for Neck Pain Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic neck pain treatment has been studied and shown to help most patients gain significant improvement in pain levels. 

This article by the American Chiropractic Association states, “One of the most recent reviews of scientific literature found evidence that patients with chronic neck pain enrolled in clinical trials reported significant improvement following chiropractic spinal manipulation.”

Here at Northgate Chiropractic, we are experienced with treating a variety of causes for neck pain. Dr. Buchanan can work with you to discover the cause of your pain and determine the best course of chiropractic care.

If your posture is the primary cause of your pain, the doctor will work with you to help you improve your posture habits in addition to working to resolve the immediate pain as well.

If you’ve been suffering from neck pain, call us now at 507-285-1677 to schedule an appointment. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday 9am-12pm.

You may also contact us 24/7 by filling out our webform online here.

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