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What Do DOT-Certified Exams in Rochester Involve?

Written By Northgate Chiropractic Clinic on June 18, 2018

Been told you have to have a DOT physical exam? Or need your CDL Medical Certification Card (something you get when you pass the DOT exam)? Or renewing an existing DOT card? 

Then you may have some questions as to what DOT-certified exams in Rochester will involve. 

There are various misconceptions about what’s required and what you’ll need to pass – so read on to find out just what you can expect from a DOT physical and why. 

What Are DOT-Certified Exams in Rochester For?

When the Department of Transportation (DOT) deems your role “safety-sensitive,” this means your job has the potential to impact on your safety and the safety of those around you – i.e. you’re driving a commercial vehicle. 

Therefore, you’ll need to undergo regular examinations (every 2 years) to ensure you can keep working and are complying with the DOTs regulations. 

What Do DOT Physicals Cover?

There are various aspects that are covered in a DOT exam, including:

A Vision Test: To ensure you have 20/40 acuity (at least) in each eye, with or without glasses and other corrective measures. Each eye will also need at least 70-degrees horizontal peripheral vision. 

Hearing: You must be able to hear a “forced whisper” with or without the use of a hearing aid at a distance of 5ft or less. This is the same as up to 40 dB of hearing loss in the better ear.

Blood Pressure and Pulse: To check for irregular heartbeats and/or high blood pressure, your pulse and blood pressure will be checked.

Urinalysis: This is a urine test that looks for any potential underlying conditions like diabetes. 

Physical Examination: This covers various categories, including: 

  • The mouth and throat (problems with swallowing or breathing)
  • Neurological issues (speech pattern or coordination, asymmetric deep tendon reflexes, impaired equilibrium, and ataxia)
  • The spine and other musculoskeletal problems, e.g. tenderness, limited motion, and previous surgery

DOT physicals can only be carried out by a medical professional who’s certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They will determine, whether, to the best of their knowledge, you meet all of the requirements that have been stipulated. 

What do you need to take to the test? 

Any vision or hearing aids, and your blood sugar logs and Hemoglobin A1C results if you’re diabetic. 

Equally, if you have any heart-related issues, you’ll need to have a letter from your cardiologist which stipulates your current medications and medical history and indicates that you’re safe to work. 

Find out more about our DOT-Certified Exams in Rochester or call today on 507-285-1677 to arrange your appointment with us.

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