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Digital Motion X-Ray in Rochester, MN

The invention of the X-ray revolutionized the way medical professionals could visualize the inner workings of the body. Previously unseen to the naked eye, doctors could use the power of the X-ray to view especially dense materials in the body such as bone, metal, or even certain tissues and organs.

While this opened up an enormous number of possibilities for treating many different conditions, it could only view the body in singular moment in time, similar to the way a camera only captures a snapshot.

With Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX), however, the ability to see the body’s complex systems at work isn’t confined to just one moment in time. Instead, it shows the inside of the body in real-time, making it possible to move, bend, turn, and twist, all while having a clear picture of the bone structures and other tissues in video motion.

This is one of the most advanced pieces of diagnostic imaging equipment available today. In fact, there are only a hand full of clinics in the entire state of Minnesota that have this imaging equipment. We are proud to be the only one in the Rochester area to have this technology.

The applications for this amazing technology are pretty extensive. One of the most common, and one of the most useful, is in treating conditions like whiplash or other disorders where the ligaments are directly impacted.

DMX allows us to see the structures inside of the body move and change. As a result, we can better pinpoint where the ligament damage that has taken place specifically by communicating with the patient at the same time of the imaging. That means a faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment for you.

These advanced imaging methods also allow us to cater your treatment specifically to Croft and National Government Guidelines Clearinghouse recommendations. This helps to ensure that you get adequate treatment to address the areas affected and clearly objectify the injury for your insurance carrier and your attorney.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable and friendly doctors and staff. We also allow walk-in appointments for more immediate problems.

We look forward to using this exciting new technology to bring you a more comprehensive and effective treatment today.